Behind The Alpine Lachsner

Servus and Welcome!

Established in 2018, The Alpine Lachsner is the research project of Kevin Schuster, bornimage and raised in Bavarian-Swabia, southern Germany.

Kevin is married, a father and considers himself an autodidact.

The Alpine Lachsner is a platform for research surrounding the anthropological, archaeological and interdisciplinary data relating to pre-Christian Eurasia.


The main fields of research are:

  • Traditional hunter-gatherer cosmologies.
  • The evolution and anthropology of shamanism (including its pre-shamanic stages in animistic practice and hunting-animal-ceremonialism).
  • European and Siberian (Mansi, Khanty, Ket, Evenki, etc.) ethnographies and prehistory.
  • Paleolithic myth and cosmology connected to the motif of “the cosmic hunt” in all its variations and the concept of “Paleolithic Proto-Mythology”.
  • The practice of circumpolar bear ceremonialism, as well as recovering a possible hunter-gatherer substrate in European Ethnography.

Also of interest are newly emerging ideas concerning all models on the origins of the Indo-European sociocultural framework, including the Paleolithic Continuity Theory & The Paleolithic Continuity Refugium Theory, placing emphasis on a WHG substrate.

The narratives of the Proto-Indo-European “Urheimat” are crucial to our understanding of Eurasian deep history and need to be addressed within an inter-disciplinary framework. The belief-world, folklore and human-animal interfaces of ethnographically documented hunter-gatherer and pastoralist communities are vital to unpacking these narratives, and it is this aim that is central to all research carried out on The Alpine Lachsner.