Welcome to The Alpine Lachsner

The Alpine Lachsner is a multidisciplinary research project established by Kevin Schuster in 2018 and aims to conduct, promote and publish academic data examining traditional hunter-gatherer cosmologies through the ethnographic lense of comparative mythology, the practice of circumpolar bear ceremonialism and its relational ontologies, the cultural evolution of shamanism, ethnoarchaeological studies related to palaeolithic-mesolithic Eurasia and pre-christian ritual-myth complexes within the greater framework of indigenous circumpolar traditions.

Since the last century, Anthropologists have examined and documented in-depth studies regarding traditional belief-systems native to Eurasia and North America. The Alpine Lachsner attempts to recover and identify such belief-systems in Europe through comparative, ethnographic research. As such, The Alpine Lachsner follows an integrative approach to the question if shamanic practice and its animistic cosmovision, including bear ceremonialism and its hunter-gatherer mentality, survived as a substrate in European folklore, mythology, customs and traditions. Thus, the aim is to identify belief-systems that can be considered animistic, ultimately stemming back to an older cosmology that may have been just as present in Europe, as in Siberia and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. Ethnographic accounts of European witchcraft are equally as interesting to the research goals, as are carnival and winter traditions to be found all throughout rural Europe, and the comparative study of its associated folklore and mythological motifs.

By doing so, The Alpine Lachsner is a scientific endeavor that seeks to understand the deeper origins of pre-christian practice and culture on the European continent, considering the complex theoretical and conceptual frameworks for its Finno-Ugric and Indo-European cultures, as well as its non-IE cultures such as the Basque population in Euskal Herria, this task is indeed multilayered and multidisciplinary.

Consequently, the publications on this platform also express a personal journey of studying and mind mapping. The Alpine Lachsner’s work is the culmination of many years of study which will be published on this platform as research papers, updates and news on progress, and extracts from written articles.


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